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The most comprehensive and largest digital library in the Islamic world, the Islamic Resources Website, is a comprehensive database that collects, organizes and presents Islamic resources from the first days of the advent of Islam by messengers and after them, by the elders of this religion, scholars, scholars and thinkers. The field of Islamic thought has been presented. This site is managed by an international team of religious scholars who, as a non-governmental organization, strive to build a database with the following features and privileges for more than 30 living languages ​​of the world (with more than 5 billion speakers). ) To emerge. A new and comprehensive view of the subject of resources that is unparalleled in the field of web so far, comprehensiveness in collecting, organizing, heading and presenting each of the items known as resources, easy access to content, etc. are some of the advantages that make this site In the eyes of the audience, it reaches the peak of prestige and weight. Goals Creating a comprehensive and complete database of Islamic sources with emphasis on maintaining unity and rapprochement between Islamic religions Provide content in the living languages ​​of the world Easy access for researchers in the field of Islam, research and other audiences Through the provision and availability of original sources and references of Islamic principles Introducing pure Muhammadan Islam The answer to the doubts Revealing the nature of the ill-wishers and true opponents of pure Islam Content ratings Review and expertise of the content on the site before uploading in order to unite and respect the sanctity of Islamic religions; Ability to receive all content on the site, including books, articles and publications without restrictions and completely free; Classification of all site contents based on 8 main thematic titles with more than 80 topics and sub-chapters by the original Islamic division method; Advanced search capability by determining various factors including subject, author, publisher, translator, etc .; Using the latest programming methods to facilitate the use of site content and gain the satisfaction of site visitors; Content is up-to-date (according to the latest statistics, the content on the site reaches more than 60,000 titles, which is increasing due to continuous updating.) Book section In this section, there is a comprehensive archive of Islamic books. By referring to the desired subject, in addition to a brief acquaintance with the book and viewing its identity card, the recipient can receive the relevant electronic file for free, of course. This feature is unique to this site. Article section A bank rich in the most authoritative Islamic articles, which are available below the article in order to make the best use of this archive by researchers, identification of sources and references. Magazines section A treasure trove of the most popular publications in the Islamic world that has been placed in this section of the site for the use and exploitation of those interested. Just as it is worthwhile for any work to begin with the remembrance of God and faith in His promises, we have set foot on the field with faith and trust in Him, to help us in this intellectual and scientific movement.